Councelling Diploma Module 1 - 1. Select Two of the Areas for Which Counselling Can Be Accessed as Discussed in This Module. 2. Outline Your Thoughts on How the Person Might Be Feeling About Their First Counselling

Module 1 Assignment
  1. Select two of the areas for which counselling can be accessed as discussed in this module.
  2. Outline your thoughts on how the person might be feeling about their first counselling session and why.
  3. Describe how you, as their counsellor, can make them feel more at ease.
  4. Explain the actions you should not take in your role as a counsellor.
Write an account, 1000 words, to address the required points.

People might access counselling in a hospital: those Counsellors/Psychotherapists working in hospitals usually see patients with more severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or personality disorders. Psychotherapists in hospitals are usually specialists and do not cover a wide range of conditions which would be dealt with by a private practitioner.
People might also seek counselling from a private/independent therapist such as a psychotherapists/counsellor or support group. They might refer themselves if they were feeling depressed or stressed with daily life. Private practitioners may work for a fee or be voluntary. Independent therapists/counsellors can be accessed via telephone or internet as well as in work or education (schools/colleges). They focus on the “every day” – life stresses/problems. Patients dealt with here are usually less severe and could be referred to specialists in hospital. Issues may include (but not be limited to: sadness , low self esteem, breakdown of relationship, family issues, anger management, stress. Also common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.
On attending their first counselling session people might feel apprehensive or embarrassed at speaking to a stranger about their feelings. Sometimes it is difficult to speak to a friend or relative about our problems and that can make us feel trapped and confused and unable to deal with stress. People deal with stress and their emotional problems in different...