Correlation and Regression

grStudy Guide - Correlation and Regression

1.|Regression is a statistical method used to describe the nature of the relationship between variables.|

2.|A positive relationship exists when both variables increase or decrease at the same time.|

3.|__________ is a statistical method used to determine whether a relationship between variables exists.|

4.|In a __________ relationship, as one variable increases, the other variable decreases, and vice versa.|

5.|A study was conducted to determine if there was a linear relationship between a person's age and his/her peak heart rate. Construct a scatter plot and determine what type of relationship there is between a person's age and his/her peak heart rate.Age,   |Peak Heart Rate,   |16|220|26|194|32|193|37|178|42|172|53|160|48|174|21|214||

6.|Draw a scatter plot for the following data that show the demand for a product (in hundreds) and its price (in dollars) charged in nine different cities.City|Price,   |Demand,   |1|23|17|2|18|48|3|19|41|4|21|38|5|20|33|6|25|17|7|22|35|8|17|52|9|22|24||

7.|An experiment is carried out to determine the relationship between the average speed (rpm) and power (hp) of a mixer. Construct a scatter plot for the data obtained in the experiment.Run|Average Speed, |Power, |1|325.0|1.10|2|348.9|1.40|3|312.9|1.07|4|230.0|0.25|5|269.2|0.64|6|305.0|0.93||

8.|Determine the type of relationship shown in the figure below.|
A)|positive |
B)|negative |
C)|multiple |
D)|There is no relationship. |

9.|Daniel Wiseman, a scientist for Gres-Trans Corp., wants to determine if the flow rate of a particular material changes with different changes in temperature. The data is plotted in the figure below. What type of relationship exists between the flow rate and the change in temperature?|
A)|negative |
B)|positive |
C)|There is no relationship. |
D)|curvilinear |

10.|The range of the correlation coefficient is from 0 to...