Core Leadership Programme : Neighbourhood Policing.


I am the Area Environmental Enforcement Officer With a local authority.

The Primary role of the Unit is to enforce breaches of environmental legistlation.

The Relevant legislation used by the Enforcement Unit is as follows:

The Environmental Protection Act 1990.
The Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003.
The Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005.
The Highways Act 1980.
The Town & Country Planning Act 1990.
The Refuse & Disposal Amenity Act 1978.

There is other kindred legislation that the unit also enforces.

The Environmental Enforcement Unit is split into two areas, this being the Western & Eastern Division.

The Eastern Division are based in Llanelli; their geographical area is the Llanelli, Amman and upper Towy areas.

The Western Division are based in Carmarthen; the geographical area is the Gwendreath, Carmarthen, Lower Towy, Western & Northern area of the County.

I am responsible for the Western Division.

My Team comprises of the following:

The Unit is also supported by an administrative assistant.

The department works in line with the Local Authority Enforcement
Concordat which sets down guidelines in which Local Authorities should
Deal with Enforcement related issues, such as proportionality.

The Enforcement Unit has evolved over a number of years, by embracing more legislation that helps tackle Anti Social Behaviour, it has been recognised by the unit that we can only resolve the issues of tackling Anti-Social behaviour is by collaborative problem solving with other partner agencies such as the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Fire Service, Housing & Social Landlords, Youth Offending teams, local health boards, Voluntary Groups and most importantly our communities. All these members play a vital role in helping us deal with Anti-Social behaviour issues.

1. Describe the purpose of the Community Safety Partnership and give titles of...