Coporate Culture

coporate culture



      The essence of research is the scholarly developing of research outputs, particularly thesis.   Through this manual, students are expected to comply with the standards set by the university.

      With their advisers, students will find valuable pointers on how to write the different parts of their research paper as well as guidelines on the defense process.


  1.   The student may enroll the subject after passing the pre-requisite subject ______________.   Likewise, the student cannot enroll Corporate Research 2 if she/he didn’t pass/take the Corporate Research 1.

  2. A freshmen or sophomore student is not allowed to enroll the subject.

  3. The student who enrolled the Corporate Research 1 is the same section as he/she enrolled the Corporate Research 2.

  4. The same faculty will handle the Corporate Research 1 and 2.

      Note: Corporate Research 1 is Pre-Oral or Proposal Defense covers Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 and Corporate Research 2 is Final Defense and/or continuation that covers Chapter 4 to 5.


  1. Title page

                This includes: (1) the title of the research paper; (2) the faculty and institution to which the paper is presented; (3) the degree sought; (4) the full name of candidate(s); (5) the year the research paper is defended.

          (See Appendix A)

  2. Approval Sheet

                This includes: (1) Approval of the members of the Panel for Oral Defense; (2) Acceptance by the Dean; (3) Rating of Oral Defense; and (4) Date of Oral Defense.

        (See Appendix B)

  3. Abstract

                The abstract is a brief summary of the...