Cookridge Carpets Aat

The Unit 10 project

Whether you’re studying the Technician stage of the NVQ/SVQ pathway or the Diploma in Accounting stage of the Diploma pathway, you will need to complete a project to fulfil the requirements of Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment (MSAP).

Unit elements:
As with all units in the AAT qualification the MSAP is divided into elements that describe the type of work that are covered in this unit. These elements are:
• manage people within the accounting environment
• identify opportunities for improving the effectiveness of an accounting system.

The first element requires you to show that you can co-ordinate work activities effectively within the accounting environment. This includes setting realistic objectives, targets and deadlines and managing people in such a way that these can be met. You also need to show that you can prepare contingency plans to cover a variety of problems that can reduce the likelihood of not meeting objectives, targets and deadlines.

The second element is about identifying weaknesses in an accounting system and making recommendations to rectify these. This involves identifying potential for misuse of a system, whether this is accidental (an error) or deliberate (fraud). You are also required to provide a cost benefit analysis where you compare the costs of the recommendations to the expected benefits (both financial and non-financial).

Why is this unit achieved by writing a report?
Reporting writing is an important part of business life. It is a skill that involves analysis, research, thinking about the larger picture – not just tasks – and which demonstrates your communications skills. By writing a report you will be able to show:
• your understanding of the operation and management of a specific section of an accounting system including methods of control
• evidence of your competence in all performance criteria, range statements and knowledge and understanding as defined for this...
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