A smile, a laugh, a quick thought, starry nights, walking in warm rain storms, chocolate; these are all things that make me happy. It is different for the person sitting next to me in my English class, but everyone feels it. happiness is an emotion that is the product of an object or an event. It is something that makes a man in his years of aged wisdon stop, smile, and think of happy times. To me happiness is like a piece of chocolate, it is something that everyone wants, something that we sometimes have to work hard for, and something that is always worth the risk os acting in order to have it.
Everyone wants chocolate. The food of Gods! Chocolate covered cherries, chocolate cake, chocolate mints, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. As it is plain to see, chocolate is a happiness for me. The way it melts in your mouth like heaven and coats your teeth and warms your belly.   For those who do not like chocolate it is the same concept. There is something out there that an indidual person cannot get enough of, just one of those little things that makes them happy. It does not matter if it is chocolate, sports, shopping, or holding the hand of a loved one. Everyone has something that makes them happy, and everyone deserves to have that feeling. That warm fuzzy tingly feeling. “ We all live with the objective of being happy, our lives are different and yet the same” Anne Frank. Everyone wants happiness, everyone wants chocolate.

As much as I do love chocolate, if i sat around eating sweets all day to make myself happy, I would soon find myself unhappy do to the unwanted weight gain and laziness. So to find a happy medium I learned how to cook. I figured this was more of a “artistic hobby” and could feel less guilty. I soon became enfatuated with cooking and spices and the way it would make my house smell. I gained a sense of pride when my dinning table looked like wolf gang puck and been to my house. As I started...