Contour drawing is a technique used to help develop observational drawing skills by simplifying an object into lines. Its objective is to capture the life, action, or expression of the subject by following the visible edges of a shape. We simply remove all value and color, and focus only on the true shape and details of the object.
My progress in observation has significantly improved. I watched the videos about thirteen times (for real), trying to get the technique. Now I can focus more on the object instead of the drawing. I can follow every edge that I see in any object and trace every detail. I love drawing and I am looking forward to improving my observational drawing skills.
“Look-draw-look-draw” has helped me in many ways. Before I learned the technique of look-draw-look-draw, I tended to look at the object first and then draw from what I remembered of the object. Also I tended to take the pencil off the paper, which gave me a hard time drawing accurately. But now I don’t think and draw anymore, I look at the object and draw, look at the object and draw, and now I see better results. I found this technique very helpful and easier. Now since I learned this technique, I look at everything- cars, houses, trees- and I follow the contour of the object, thinking how easy it would be to draw the line contour of that certain object. Moreover, when I am driving I always look at any object that I see, and try to draw it in my head. I really love this technique and am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn this technique.