Consumer Behavior

Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
Most challenges of a good marketing campaign are to understand the reasons behind consumer’s actions when shopping so that a business can sell a product or service successfully. The factors that influence the consumer purchasing decision can be extremely complex because of a combination of psychological and sociology aspects. Goebel (2012) “Apple, Inc. was flawless in their execution when they rolled out the new iPhone and iTouch because they knew what made consumers act.   They knew the emotional hot buttons. They knew how to create enough excitement about a new line of entertainment gear that for many, a simple “want” transformed into a self-justified, immediate need.” Apple has changed the way consumers think and use cell phones. Understanding various psychological, this analysis will discuss the social and external factors that affect the consumer’s decisions to purchase the I-phone.
Beginning with the social factors, a purchase of a cell phone can be influenced by friends, family, and perhaps colleagues. The role of perception becomes clearer to consumers and the roles they play to the decision of a consumer.   Consumers may perceive that they simply are following with what the majority of society is choosing; to gain more reliable products and avoid purchasing the wrong product. A consumer may decide to purchase an I-Phone because he or she wants to be acknowledged and appreciated by family and colleagues. Perhaps they want to hear how much wiser they are for purchasing the product. Simply, the consumer is looking for acceptance into a specific group. Social factors can have a huge impact on a young person. Peer pressure is the biggest influence on a young person simply because of the desire to fit into a group. The feeling of being left out with a specific group of friends, coworkers or family can influence the decision to purchase the I-Phone, and because of this, the...