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“Many inequalities in health are a preventable consequence of the lives people leads the behaviours and lifestyles that cause ill health” (DH2008:7). Explore the psychological and social factors that can lead to ill-health.

In this assignment the author intends to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of inequalities in health raised in the Department of Health (2008) Document Equality Impact Assessment- Health Inequalities: Progress and Next Steps and use these to explore the psychological and social factors that can lead to ill health. The specific health inequalities that will be discussed in relation to their psychological and social factors and ill health are sSocial class, culture, and Ggender and, ethnicity.

Social class and culture

There are social class differences in health this is referred to the “health divide” all illness and diseases are linked to the health divide ref. make one paragraph with below
The author will explore social class by focusing on national statistics and government reports refs.   What are the social classes and what are the implications for health?……these are just a few things to think about….This will include discussion about the impact of social class on health, for example the impact of the environment in which the person lives such as housing can affect health, the individuals education, knowledge and understanding can also affect decision they make e.g. visiting a doctor or ignoring symptoms, changing diet to meet health needs, giving up smoking.if people have chosen...