Establish Consent for an Activity or Action

Reflective account of Inserting a Nasogastric Tube
I was asked to insert an NG tube into a patient in one of our side rooms. The patient was Nil by mouth due to severe vomiting. The patient was in a side room due to coming from another hospital, she had been screened for MRSA, until the result was back she would remain as in isolation. (Infection prevention control). I applied PPE, yellow apron and gloves outside of the room. I knocked on the door and introduced myself to the patient, I explained that she needed to have an NG tube inserted and that I would be doing the procedure, I asked the patient if she could confirm her name and date of birth and if she was happy to consent for me to do the procedure and she confirmed she was happy for me to do it. (A patients consent must always be obtained before undertaking any procedure). I explained that I would go an gather all the equipment and be back shortly. I took off the apron and gloves and disposed of them in the yellow waste disposal bin and then washed my hands before leaving the room.
I went to the treatment and cleaned down one of the dressing trolleys with clinell wipes, starting from the top shelf working down wards to the feet. (ANTT) I then went to the cupboard where the NG equipment is kept; I picked out a size 14 Ryle’s NG tube and a 500ml Bile bag, I also got PH strips and a 50ml syringe and a strip of Hypofix. I then went into the sluice room and obtained a disposable measuring jug and an orange plastic disposable bag (Waste disposal management). I then went into the kitchen area and got a white disposable cup and straw, and filled with water. I informed the Nurse in charge I had gathered all the equipment together and I asked if she would
observe me whilst doing the procedure as I had not been signed off to do an NG tube insertion on my own..
We went along to the side room and put alcohol gel on our hands, then put on our PPE, yellow apron and gloves, (I did not need to wear sterile gloves for...