Connected Home Appliances Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future

Connected home appliances are smart electronic appliances having internet connectivity, which can be accessible from any remote location using mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. In short, any electronic home appliance if provided with internet connectivity would become connected home appliance.   Smart home appliances enable users to monitor and control household activities from remote location. Growth of connected home appliances depends upon various factors such as internet infrastructure availability and smart phone penetration rate of the targeted region. If internet infrastructure of any country is robust and efficient, there would be more demand for connected home appliances. Being the more energy efficient solution compared to their traditional counterparts, connected home appliances are being adopted with substantial high adoption rate across the globe.

Connected Home Appliances Market: Drivers and Restraints
Personal and family security is the primary factor driving the adoption of connected home appliances by consumers across the globe. Over the last decade, adoption of connected home appliances grown quickly with the evolution of consumers who are more technology enthusiast. Also, with increasing adoption of smart phones, consumers are becoming more familiar with touch controls and world of apps which, in turn driving their attraction towards adoption of smart appliances. As connected home appliances generate more profit for the appliance makers as compared to traditional ones, manufacturers are diverting their focus from simple appliance manufacturing business to this business (connected appliance manufacturing), in order to increase their profitability margin. On the other hand, in various under developed or some of developing regions, lack of internet infrastructure and affordability issue are the factors hindering the growth of global connected home appliances market.

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