Should Chinese Home Appliance Industry Go to Vietnam

India Investment Environment Analysis
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1. 当地技术是否满足生产需求
India’s seven Institutes of Technology, or IITs, specialize in engineering and science. They were founded in the early 1950s to speed up the country’s technological development. Today they are ranked third-best in the world for technology after MIT and Berkeley (1). 除此之外印度在IT行业强大的技术背景也为家电行业提供了充分的技术保障。
2. 职业技能:no related accurate knowledge background with it

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1. 基础建设 Infrastructure
Poor infrastructure is constraining it. Power cuts, water shortages, airport delays, overloaded ports, and overcrowded roads are a way of life. India’s inadequate infrastructure presents one of the biggest hurdles. E.g.Economic losses from congestion were estimated to be as high as US$6 billion in 2007. Large trucks are banned from entering some cities by day, which can add crippling delays. Ports suffer from lack of dock space and cranes, and airports from lack of warehousing. Weather conditions can worsen problems: power fails more often, traffic becomes even more congested, and goods stranded outside—due to lack of warehousing—can be ruined by rainstorms (1).

2. 环境影响(自然环境、道德标准CSR)

3. 竞争环境
印度当地的空调品牌就有四、五百个,再加上日韩等家电企业的先入为主,中国企业很难竞争。在印度在这里,双桶洗衣机比全自动洗衣机更受欢迎,小冷冻室单门冰箱比对开门、全自动冰箱卖得更火,就连国内已经淘汰的窗式空调,在这里都可以算作是奢侈品 (2)
Here are the most popular companies of home appliances in India (3):
|Samsung                                                                                                                               |
|Samsung India has its head office in Delhi and 19 branches all over the country. It manufacturers a comprehensive range of home       |
|appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerator, air conditioners and washing machines. All these products come in various...