Year 12 English S.A.C
Conflict tests characters

Conflict is and will always be around us, it’s expected in our everyday life. Conflict can present itself in many ways either personal, around the world or ideological. Conflict happens from challenging human interest, whether it can be between different people,   between States or between different Countries. Conflict is bound to human existence; people will respond to it in diverse ways which tests our ability to resolve conflicts, whether it be arguments for or against certain adversity. In confronting the conflict head on, there are some who will grow stronger and illustrate true integrity and courage in the face of adversity. There are others who will use conflict in order to gain authority and   use past grievances to plot revenge. We have never learnt from conflicts and wars that have been fought all over the world, fighting where individuals have struggled for freedom or power within societies, these disagreements seem to have a pattern in some countries because they keep repeating over time.
Conflict does test our characters for the better or worse. Whether we like it or not it defines our personal views and has influenced past choices.

When put under tough circumstances, your character will come out stronger and show people their true colour, and what people are willing to stand up for whether its right or wrong. In 1989, the Chinese government showed a lack of courage in The “Tiananmen Square” incident where students were protesting for democracy. The government sent their troops and tanks out towards the protesters. Many of the protesters were brutally massacred alongside parents that were franticly searching for their children. On the surprised attacked at The “Tiananmen Square” in 1989 the protestors and civilians were unarmed and majority were innocent of any wrong doing. Innocent families were ambushed in their homes while watching television or sleeping in bed. Within two months, it was over...