‘Conflict can have devastating consequences.’
I have chosen to explore the similar themes of injustice, tragedy and suffering which is clearly seen throughout ‘The Crucible’ and in the McCarthy era. These themes are ones that in both ‘The Crucible’ and seen in the McCarthy era eventually lead to a ”devastating consequences” . In Salem it was the destruction of the community trough the series of conflicts that destroyed the town and everyone within it. The McCarthy ear was one that did not lead to deaths or destruction but it was associated with a lot of pain and suffering of the accused people.
My style of writing is an expository essay as I felt that I could explore and express my ideas on this context well. I chose to write in a semi-formal way to better convey and express my ideas.   My target audience is those who are interested in the topics and have background knowledge on them, such as people that have read the book, and possibly my fellow class mates.

In Arthur Miller’s novel The Crucible tensions builds as the very religious and superstitious townsmen and leaders of Salem, begin to suspect the use of witchcraft is present in their humble village. Thus as the tensions grow between the villagers and more questions of strange behaviors surface, persecutions of alleged witches in the village began to develop leading to the loss of the lives of many innocent people. In the 1950s Senator Joseph McCarthy began to renew these persecutions, but not to find and destroy witches, but rather to eradicate communists in America, many innocent people may not have lost their lives, but suffered much time in prison unjustly due to the false radical accusations of senator McCarthy.
In the small village of Salem in 1692 the inhabitants lived holy, strict and seclusive lives. When things begin to differ to from the ordinary with the affair of John Proctor and Abigail Williams, the town girls dancing in the forest to cast a spell on Elizabeth Proctor, and the sickness of...