Conflict in D@L

Dancing At Lughnasa

The play I have studied for my leaving cert is Dancing At Lughnasa written by Brian Friel.   It is set in County Donegal in 1936.   It is about the trials and tribulations of the Mundy sister’s.   The Mundy sister’s consists a total of five characters;   Kate, Maggie, Agnes, Rose and Chris.   All together there are a total of eight characters which include Chris’ son Michael, Michael’s father Gerry and the sisters’ brother; Jack.   The theme of this essay is conflict.   This essay will discuss conflict between indivudual characters, conflict in religious beliefs and conflict in general society.
              The conflict between two characters that
stood out most for me would be between Kate and Gerry.   There is alot of conflict between these two characters, mainly because Kate disaproves of him disappearing on her youngest sister Chris.   From the moment Gerry is firstly indroduced into the play we immediatley get the impression of conflict between them when Maggie says “Come here till you see! Look who’s coming up the lane!”   After they realize who it is, Kate quickly responds “How dare Mr Evans show his face here...   There’s no welcome for that creature here.”.   Despite the interminable tension between the two, she calms down Chris as she is paniking by saying “You are not shaking.   You are perfectly calm and you are looking beautiful.   You’ll meet him outside, tell him his son is healthy and happy”, but she also hints to her at the same time and he is unwelcome by then saying “happy... And then you will send him packing – yourself and Michael are managing quite well without him – as you always have”.