Conflict Among Characters

He did it! No, she did it! Another issue between citizens begins. In a world where people harm each other, society always collapses. For instance, in modern literature, every time there is a conflict among characters, the society crumbles and the relationships between characters worsen. Literary characters provide the perfect example of this behavior.

One example of a piece of literature that shows the effects of behavior on society includes Lord of the Flies. In Lord of the Flies, when Jack doesn’t agree with the way Ralph wants to run camp, he decides to create his own tribe that goes against everything Ralph thinks is right. For example, when Ralph and Jack fight over whether or not to hunt for food or to stay at camp to keep the signal fire going, friction builds between them and divides the society that has been made on the island.

Another example in literature of the effects of behavior on society includes the story, A Child by Tiger. In A Child by Tiger, when Dick goes on a killing spree all of a sudden, the whole community forms a mob and savagely shoots him more than 200 times. Just because Dick went crazy, the entire society around him turns savage and loses their mind.

In the book Chocolat, when Vianne Rocher moves into Lansquenet with her tempting chocolate shop, she is immediately confronted by Reynaud, the parish leader. Throughout the book, he tried to shut her shop down by convincing the people in the community that God forbids chocolate and other delicacies during Lent. Nearly every member of the small society is against Vianne’s shop and society slowly falls when a couple people visit the shop for hot chocolate or truffles because the church preaches against them and the rest of the society turns their backs on the people at the shop.