Concept of Beauty - Africa

Our Concept of Beauty
What is beauty to you? For a female, would beauty be described by a Victoria’s Secret model? How about a male? Would a picture of a Calvin Klein super model come to mind? In America, our idea of beauty has been governed by what we see in the media and well as other social norms. As the ideal image of a super model changes, we change our concept of beauty. When Marilyn Monroe became famous, for example, it became desirable to have more curves. Then came Twiggy, the revolutionary model that introduced “skinny” as the ultimate look. Now, we are bombarded with images of skinny girls on swimsuits with long straight or wavy hair and big fake breasts. We see Cover Girl commercials of girls with even skin tones and we could never imagine a male model with tattoos on his face. Any trace of a marking we would see as a flaw unless it is governed by the rules of couture.
Indeed, we are so overwhelmed with these ideas that we fail to consider that there could be anything different somewhere else in the world. It is because of these ideas that we see people obsessed with obtaining the “perfect” weight. Many of us strive to go beyond what is considered healthy in order to attain a “beautiful” figure, and we don’t even sit to think whether this concept of beauty is just in our heads. Is a skinny girl really preferable everywhere in the world? Are “excessive” piercings and tattoos not what everyone in the world would want to see as iconic? Perhaps we need to think twice.
This research paper will take you through a journey in Africa, where you will experience what beauty is like in the countries of that continent. You will get to see a different side of the ideal weight and you will envelop yourself in a place where Kate Moss is underfed and Brad Pitt is not manly enough.
Fat and beautiful
Imagine a place where your routine consisted of sleeping,...