Computer Information Brief

Kundler Fine Foods Brief
Accounting 542
November 16, 2011

Kundler Fine Foods:   Effective Integration of Technology in Business Operations

      Kundler Fine Foods first opened in 1998 in La Jolla, California.   Within the next five years the gourmet market store expanded with the opening of two more California stores located in Del Mar and, most recently, in Encinitas.   Kundler Fine Food stores are a premier gourmet grocery store providing the choicest meats, fresh produce, cheeses, and wines from all over the world all in a single market.   In addition, all stores operate a modern European-Style Bakery, have an Asian Specialty Produce department and culinary specialists working the market floor to assist and advise customers.

      Kundler Fine Foods is a customer-focused business.   The stores’ customers are willing to pay a premium on having quality products.   To attract customers, the store depends on a differentiation strategy of providing uncommon quality products for epicureans, foodies and novices seeking gourmet ingredients.
      A well-fitted computer and technology system integrates the business information and accounting needs to achieve the most effective information for adding value to your product, controlling costs, complying with accounting requirements, and enhancing security measures.   In looking at how to more effectively integrate your business and accounting needs, let’s start with your current computer and technology system.   Your current system has many merits.   You have a Retail Enterprise Management system.   This system provides the basic accounting components for tracking income and expenses for producing financial reports and managerial reports for decision making, such as trend, comparative and departmental analysis.   It also contains a Point of Sale module that captures detailed data about the sales, such as item code, cost, price, time, quantity and store to name some of the significant features.   The system also has...