Complaint - Courier

Dear Pip

Thank you for your reply regarding my complaint.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve contacted the XX company to try solve my issue. However I would like to stress that no one have instructed the XX courier to left the parcels on the porch, in unguarded place, with no information left for the receiver. I work in the office so we have receiving many package every day and any other couriers (from other companies) can have enough power and good will to rich the reception desk and left the parcel in the safe hands at the reception desk (also get the signature as I’m wondering who signed the package if he left it on the table inside the door in the place when everyone, even from outside can go and take it)

I’ve checked in my company and in any other departments but with no positive results and no information about my parcel. I must also stress that we had a similar accident with this company in the past, when the courier stated that he left the package in the safe place (same with no information, call or trials to contact the addressee). The package was missing and we’ve never find out what was happened with our item.

In my understanding the courier job is the responsibility to deliver the package/parcel or any other to the addressee, so door to door not abandon it on the porch with no evidence or tracking of the delivery.

I believe that my problem will be sorted as soon as possible, also I would like to assure you that I will contact you if I’ll find my package but I have a big doubts this will happen.

Best Regards,

John Smith