Comparing Computers

Purchasing and comparing computers can be very taxing. Every individual has specific
needs and requirements that need to be met by the computer they choose.   One of the first things to
consider is what type of operating system that is best for the individual.   Apple runs on the OS X
operating system, Dell and other computers operate on Windows 7, or Windows 8. There is Windows
Pro but that is basically designed for business.
Other factors is to look at is data storage and computer speed. Which components that are
needed based off of what type of person and the purpose of the computer they will be using it for. If
someone ones to store pictures, movies, and music then of course a large hard drive will be something
to look at. If the person is into gaming, then he or she will want something with a good video card and a
fast processer.   These are just a few factors that people compare when purchasing computers and of
course price is always something else to consider.  
In the diagram comparing my officer computer to the computer specs already provided   the first
thing that is different is computer model. The one given is an Inspiron 17 and mine is a OptiPlex
780USFF. The difference between these two is one if for privately owned computers and users as mine is
only sold to government agencies.   The second difference is the processer type. I’ll call the diagram
computer the standard computer. It has a Core I7 and mine has a Core™2 Duo CPU.   My processer is
older and the Core I7 has about 20% more processing power than mine.   The standard has a fast process
than my office computer.   But since I don’t use this computer but for basic document printing I would
not notice the difference between 3.1 GHz and 2.93 GHz.   The standard computer also has four more
gigs of ram allowing it to be able to do more things at once than my officer computer.
In comparison the standard computer would be more expensive and more desirable than my...