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University of phoenix axia vs. Traditional Education
For many people deciding to pursue their education in recent years, there is question that they should ask themselves, are online classes a good option for me? People planning to attend college (especially if they live busy lifestyles) should take look at this option. The problem is that most people instead of doing their own research, they tend to listen and believe the rumors that online classes are not a legitimate education or as good of an education. Although not for everyone, some students experience even more success through online classes rather than traditional classes. However not all online education is created equal. The University of Phoenix Axia College has the biggest number of students attending and is one of the only colleges that offer a complete online education. University of Phoenix Axia and traditional education has many similarities and differences, but they both can deliver the same high quality education; it all depends on the students learning preferences and how much effort they put into their education.  
The classroom experience in University of Phoenix Axia and traditional education is one of the biggest differences between the two choices, though there are still a few similarities. When attending a traditional classroom the experience is much like grade school. It is held in classroom on campus grounds, there are many seats and desks for the students to sit and participate in class. There is an instructor and a few to many classmates, depending on the class size.   When attending a University of Phoenix Axia classroom the environment is quite different from a traditional classroom. Instead of traveling to a college campus, students will be attending class from the comfort of the students home. The Students’ entire classroom is located on their computer through an online classroom. Though not face-to-face there is still a great deal of student to student interaction and student and...