Comparative Essay

Essay Practice

In comparing the themes and issues in the short story “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury against those in the short story- “There Will Come Soft Rains”, also by Ray Bradbury. By just reading the short stories, you can already tell that some of the similarities and differences are obvious. Some of the similarities include that of the technological advancements in the far future, another being that both main ‘characters’ stand out among the rest of their neighbourhood. Some differences include the facts that in one story the main character is a person who believes that, in a world full of technology, where the only real salvation is reverting back to the ways of an old society, where in the future, individuality is considered insane, and so, you get sent to “The Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies” (line 139). Where-as in the other short story, it is a world where nothing exists, except one house that is in the middle of a nuclear wasteland. This house is one ran by technology. Miniature robots run around the house cleaning it, and eventually the house gets destroyed and burnt down due to a storm knocking flammable liquid onto the floor and curtains, causing the house to catch a-light.
From the exposition of the stories, it is already evident that both Mr Mead and the house are two characters that both share the same qualities, including the fact that they both stand out in society, that in the end, they are either destroyed or taken away. In the short story “The Pedestrian”, Mr Mead is said to be a person that is not like most others in his society. He prefers to go out for a walk at night when there is a curfew for people to go inside and watch TV in their houses. Mr Mead walks because he is not one to watch TV, he prefers to be outside with nature and breathe in the cool air. He doesn’t have a wife or family, he doesn’t have an occupation and his house stands out from the rest being brightly lit up. He also doesn’t have a TV...