Comparing and Contrasting Marketing Activity of Marks and Spencer’S / Waitrose

Comparing and Contrasting Marketing Activity of
Marks and Spencer’s / Waitrose

In this report I will be reviewing the activities of two organisations that are competing in a particular market within the equal marketing sector, and investigate their respective marketing activities within two organisations that I have chosen to review on, and they are Mark and Spenser’s along with Waitrose, I will be focusing on the differences in the marketing activities in terms of market place and position, target customers, products and services, however I will only be looking at a product or a selection of products, in addition I will be looking at the pricings of the selected segment from each of the organisations, the ways in they use communication with both their customers, consumers and the relevant contemporaries of the two organisations.

What is Marketing:
Marketing is a management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably, the importance of marketing within business is very important as it clearly identifies the accurate   customers in which an organisation need to work towards in obtaining their attention then working their ways to satisfying their wants and needs.   Marketing also helps specify pricing, in terms of customers being satisfied or dissatisfied with the amount they are paying for certain product, marketing assists the value of a product or a service according to customers being satisfied.

Below contains the detailed review of the two companies’ activities I will be analyzing...
Both Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose are organisation in which their customers visit to purchase their convenient goods. Waitrose and Marks and Spencer’s are mentioned to be direct competitors as both the organisations target the upper market.

Marks and Spencer:
Marks & Spencer is a major British retailer, with over 885 stores in more than 40 territories around the world, over 600 domestic and 285 international....