Compaired Standards

The CEC standards are different from the NBPTS standards in the position they are coming from.   The CEC is looking at the standards from the exceptional child’s view point.   “to assure that individuals with exceptionalities have well-prepared, career-oriented special educators.”   The NBPTS are looking at the standards from the teacher’s perspective. They are looking at the traits of an accomplished teacher.   The names of the two groups somewhat give you an idea of where each group is coming from.   The CEC is the Council for Exceptional Children, and the NBPTS is the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.   The CEC is an organization that supports teachers, administrators, students, parents, paraprofessional and support service providers, whereas the NBPTS is designed for the teacher and preparing the teacher to be an accomplished teacher of SE students.
Although the two organizations come from different viewpoints, the bottom line goals of each are the same.   They want to support teachers to be the best that they can be to meet the needs of exceptional students.   Through education, continuing education, collaboration, diversified teaching, communication and support these organizations help to ensure that special educators are meeting the needs of their students.
Realistically the standards of both of these organizations can be standards not only for special educations but for all educators.   Knowledge, communications diversity, social development assessment, caring learning environments, collaboration, reflective practice…these are all things that are done by good teachers.   The audience might be slightly different, but the goals and tasks at hand are the same.