Communication Skills

Question 1

Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with Children, Young

People and Adults alike, as it forms the basis of all good working relationships and without it relationships can become strained.

It allows understanding to develop and builds trust, maintains relationships and shows mutual respect and helps to  build a good rapport with everybody involved.

Effective communication with Children can tell them how they are expected to behave in situations, with Young People it can help to resolve conflicts  and with Adults it can help to develop strong and professional relationships.

It also encourages Children, Young people and Adults to ask advice, and to ask for help when needed. It promotes self esteem, co-operation and understanding.

Effective communication is also necessary as it enables understanding and also learning.

Question 2

The principals of relationship building with Children, Young People and Adults are to try to be ease at with everyone, which in turn leads to information being more easily understood and responded to. We do this by a series of verbal and visual techniques.

It is important to be considerate and to show respect especially if somebody is having a bad day and to give them some space to organise their thoughts.

It is also helpful to acknowledge the importance of people by remembering personal details about them i.e their birthday or favourite food. It can also help with relationship building to see the funny side in a tense situation. We also need to be clear about important issues and instructions to avoid any misunderstandings.

A very important principle of relationship building is knowing when to listen.

Question 3

Different backgrounds affect  relationships and the way people communicate                                 In a social environment you are generally with people who know you personally and therefore you are usually at ease around them which in turn leads to them...