Communication Process Model Check Point

Misunderstandings are led by assumptions and may cause altercations. Some individuals misunderstand others because they can’t or refuse to relate. Nowadays common sense is rarely common. Everything is based on communication and if the proper communication is not given a misunderstanding will start to form.
As I was at work one day sitting in on a meeting; I witnessed an altercation which dealt with an employee misunderstanding the proper procedures. My co-worker was going back and forth with our boss about a dispute over the teachers and the educational support personnel not picking up the students on time from their classes. This was taking away from the students’ instructional time. Little did either realize is that misunderstandings as such, cause other misunderstandings because the proper procedures are not addressed in a formal manner. It is then at that moment when one assumes proper protocol even if it is wrong.
What I realized after observing this dispute is that there are numerous of ways to rectify the situation as a whole. First an agreement needs to be established. Reason stating that an employee might have a different conclusion, oppose to what the boss was explaining. Another way would be to ask questions whenever in doubt instead of a constant assumption being formed. For example, questions can be asked. Are you listening to me? Do you understand or even do you need me to further explain the situation at hand. With these questions being asked it may eliminate many of confrontations and minimize the misunderstandings leaving more time available to discuss other items on the agenda. Another way to avoid numerous of misunderstandings will be to take notes or voice record the conversations. Taking notes at a meeting is a good way to recap on important key points that was said. Voice recording is an even better note taking ability. With voice recording conversations you are able to replay any moment that you could not to fully comprehend. That way you...