Communication Failures

Usually people fail to understand each other if they were using different languages. Communication between people requires them to use one language. On the other hand, even if two persons from two different cultures are able to use one language, they misunderstand each other. That’s because reaching mutual comprehension requires them to use the same system of logic and since. In this essay, I’ll mention some of these reasons briefly.

In any language, the meaning of the word is determined by its logic or semantics that is embedded in its syntax. So that, communicating in one common language involves using same semantics and syntax categories.

Moreover, there are many other reasons for misunderstanding in communication. One of the most important causes is the insufficient range of vocabulary. Sometimes people don’t know the correct word to use. For example: in terms of talking about the weather, you can use different words describing it like, very hot ,hot, warm, mild, cool, cold ….etc. some people might be unable to explain what they want to say   because they knew the words cold and hot only. Further, expressing attitude is more annoying because they can’t show how they feel about something properly.

Another common case is that people can’t command a long sentence in foreign languages. They use short sentences only and they miss some important details believing that their partners already understand them. As an effect, they could reach a situation of misunderstanding.
Finally, differences between cultures and traditions could cause some sort of confusion.   To illustrate, in Vietnam for example, people tend to ask about your age from the first conversation because they call you using different words depending on your age and your social position. And that might cause annoying to many people, especially women.

So there are many reasons for misunderstanding that could negatively affect conversations, even if people were using the same language.