Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Individual personality types and learning styles play a significant role in how people function as a group or team.   I have developed a strategy to promote effective communication and collaboration among individuals with various learning styles.   Following the learning style scenario, I will share a similar strategy based on different personality types.   Keep in mind that I am highlighting only a few of many learning styles and personality types that make individuals as unique as we all are.

Learning Style Strategy
The three different learning styles incorporated in this collaboration strategy are logical/mathematical, verbal/linguistic and interpersonal.   An individual with strong logical/mathematical abilities will be responsible for creating the group’s approach to each project because they possess logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.   Preparation of papers and written portions of other projects or assignments are best handled by someone who has strong language skills – an individual that has verbal/linguistic intelligence.   Interpersonal skills that include a person’s ability to relate to others and his or her moods, motivations and feelings will be essential to hold the team together.   The team member who possesses these skills will add insight to the cooperative learning and understanding among team members.

These same individual learning styles promote effective team communication by bringing specific skills to the group.   The individual with strong logical/mathematical intelligence will be able to clearly and logically explain their views and material to other team members.   A team member who has strong verbal/linguistic skills will be an asset for communication through their naturally keen use of language and understanding of words.   This individual will often be able to convince other team members to do something or agree with the group’s point of view.   Similar to their...