Comm Project

Communication Process Model

Business Communications and Critical Thinking

Assignment 1.1: Communication Process Model
Misunderstanding No. 1:
I had a contractor on-site working on the pump of a main engine. I instructed him to conduct a total indicator run-out reading on the pump coupling. As the contractor was leaving the job site, he handed me the dial indicator and asked me to check the TIR. I questioned him on why he asked me to do what I asked him. The contractor’s excuse to me was that I am qualified to also take the TIR of the coupling also. He didn’t understand that I am the technical matter expert on this job being conducted, and he is the machinist to do the work.
Who was the sender? Me
Who was the receiver? Contractor.
What was the message? Check the TIR of the pump coupling.
What channel was used to send the message? Verbal.
What was misunderstanding that occurred? The contractor asked me to take the TIR, and not him as he is the machinist to perform the checkpoint.
How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? The misunderstanding could have been avoided if I would have given him written instructions in the formal package versus verbal. I could have also given him the instructions outside of the machinery room. If the contractor was unsure of the job assigned, he should have taken an initiative to ask his supervisor.

Misunderstanding No. 2
I was given an assignment by a co-worker to conduct a review of a work item report on a main reduction gear. It was only my third week at this position. I had not received training on the preparation of work item reports by our department supervisor. I had no idea what a work item report consisted of, much less on how to perform a work item review report. Everyone had assumed I was already trained and ready to complete the task. The department head failed to inform my co-workers I had no training in work item reviews.
Who was the sender? Co-worker.
Who was the receiver? Myself.
What was the...