Coming to America

Leslie’s Journey To America
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ETH/125 Cultural Diversity
Sholanda Lynch

During WWII, the Soviet Union was a scary place for a child to be.   Children during this period were to see and hear things that no child should hear.   This little boy, with his ingenuity, was able to flee the grip of the Nazis and make a new life for himself in America.   However, all good things come with a price!

It happened today.   Our ten day journey ended.   Our hometown of   Lwow became part of the Soviet Ukraine and we returned home.   I am so happy to be at home with all of our things as we left them.   Maybe this war father keeps talking about won’t be as scary as I thought.   I am twelve years old after all, so I can handle a lot of stuff.   Sophia is our maid and she takes care of me.   I am very happy to see her.   My mother is very busy planning our menus and gathering with her friends, so Sophia helps me with anything I need.   My father owns his own factory so we have a lot of nice things but I am realizing that other people in my family aren’t as lucky as I am.   When they visit us, they admire all the beautiful things we have in our apartment.   My cousin Emma doesn’t understand why Sophia takes care of me instead of my mom.   Her mom is always there to take care of her.   I think I am just lucky that way.  

It is November of 1939.   I am confused.   Today the Soviets called my father a “capitalist”.   This is because he owns his own factory and apartment.   We have to move to a smaller place now in our building.   I asked my mother why we were moving and all she said was that these things happen in times of war.   We should count our blessings and do as they say.

We have moved into a smaller apartment and my father now works in the factory as a laborer instead of being the owner.   He seems very sad now.   I guess you could say broken.   My mother now seems different too.   She has started doing all the things that Sophia used to do because now...