Should America Maintain or Increase Legal Immigration

September 18, 2010
Should America Maintain / Increase the Level of Legal Immigration
Is Immigration keeping this country alive or killing it slowly? Immigration in the United States has been a very long difficult and controversial problem. The U.S population fed largely by immigration, will grow to 420 million by the year 2050 (according to the U.S Censes). The quest of millions of people would be to live the American dream. Most of those millions are those who immigrate from all over the globe into the United States.
Unsatisfied immigrants leave there countries hoping to take there skills to America. Many immigrants lived in there countries for so long that they learned a variety of trade skills. America has a lot more opportunities for these immigrants to make their lives and the lives of there families better. Many countries in the world have very limited opportunities to create a good life. America is far the best country in the world and it can only get better.
Diversity increases and expands in America. There is no other country in this world that has the diversity and culture that we do in America. Having all the different races, cultures, music, and food brings all different kinds of people together. Bringing a variety of different people together brings new ideas into communities. Having the variety of different people together teaches one another about different ways of life, religions, cultures, and languages.
Immigrants take the low paying jobs that most Americans do not want to do. Immigrants would rather come into America and work for wages ranging from $5-7 dollars an hour. These people would be lucky enough to make $7 a day in there countries. Most Americans prefer not to work these jobs such as busing tables, house cleaning, and picking up trash. The Americans would rather take the non labor, more high paying jobs. Immigrants will work hard at these jobs to make sure its done right and take pride in there hard work as well. This help keeps...