Coming of Age

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Chance Parhm
Dr. Allen
ENG 203
March 5, 2010
Lost Childhood in Mississippi
The selections from Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody depicts what it was like to grow up in the South during the 1940’s through 1960’s as a poor African American female. The selections from her autobiography began by describing her life when she was around seven years old and continued through to her young adult years. This selection describes four periods in her life, childhood, high school, college, and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. These periods entail how she “came of age” in Mississippi. With each experience Anne Moody grew more knowledgeable and aware of her surroundings and wanted to change it. 
By the age of nine Anne received her first job as a housekeeper to help provide for her family, but little did she know this was the start of her entering into adulthood. Many can argue numerous points in her life when she made the transformation from childhood to adulthood. Was it when she was forced to take a job to help support the family because of extreme poverty? Was when she had to take care of her younger siblings? Was it when Anne’s mother met and married Raymond Davis and had more children? Even though Too Sweet, Anne’s mother was married again, she and Anne still had to work just as hard as ever to support their family. Raymond would not work. Anne resented him because of it and this lead to the many conflicts between Anne and Raymond. It was then that they both thought enough is enough. She was tired of living with her mother whom was living through the eyes of her stepfather, Raymond. He had almost complete control over Anne’s mother and it...