Coming of Age

Coming of Age Essay

          When   your young you have absolute no control over your life. Your parents decide on every thing you do. They have a age limit for everything you would want to do. For example, you   cant go out by you’re   self until your 16 years old. Even if it is a tradition it   does not mean that everyone would want to do it but still your parents force you to.
          Most teenagers would   have coming of age ceremony’s to celebrate there transition   into adult hood. Latino , Hispanic and   Mexican girls would have Quinceaneras when they would turn the age of 15.   American Indian boys would have vision quests when they would be entering puberty it would be from thirteen to 16. Girls rarely had vision quests because they would not want to have one instead they would want to do something else.
        If you were a Latino , Hispanic or   Mexican girl and you just turned 15 decide not to have Quinceanera nothing would happen. Every one including your family would treat you the same as if you had the ceremony or not. Having the ceremony is just a way to celebrate it. If you did not have the ceremony you will still be making your way into adult hood. The only thing that would change is the amount of money you would spend on birthday celebration. Your family and friends would give you the same amount of presents as they would if you had a Quinceanera .
        During a vision quest the youth would be sent out from the camp on a solitary vigil. He would be alone and have to stay awake during the usual hours of sleep involving fasting and prayer in order to gain some sigh of presence and nature of his guardian spirit. While on his vision quest the boy would watch for an animal who behaved in a significant way. Usually the boy would   discover an object ( most likely a stone), which resembled some animal. In the predominant form, he had a dream I which his guardian appeared (usually in animal form) instructed him , took him on a visionary journey ,...