Comfort Women

I     I still remembered the day and when I went to work at a factory,                           commissioned officer took me to the next room which was partitioned off by a cloth.                                                                                                                                             A. Even though I did not want to go he dragged me into the room.                               B.   I resisted but he tore off all of my clothes and in the end he took my virginity.                                                                                                                                       C. From here, my torturing life begin.                                                                                     D. Day by day, until the end of the war.
II.     From the story, you can imagine something terrible was happening during the war.  
IV.     After doing a lot of research on this field ,I realized that this is indeed a grave issue for us to take attention.
V.     My topic today is “comfort women”, one of the war-related rape.
A.   Aniko Varga, wrote in an 2009   article published in Association of studies in   Ethnicity and Nationalism that the term “comfort women” is a direct translation of the Japanese Jugunianfu or ianfu, a euphemism for young women ,drafted ,deceived ,sold or abducted to serve as military sex slaves during the war.
B.   The Japan Foundation explains on its web site that as the chinese characters慰 安 [i : an ] (comfort or solace ) and 婦 [fu] (woman or wife) suggest the term of   “comfort women” mainly Korean but also Burmese, Chinese, Dutch, Eurasians, Indians, Indonesian, Japanese, Filipina, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Pacific Islanders.
The term itself is translated from the Japanese abbreviation Ianfu., the women’s literal purpose was to offer solace and comfort to Japan’s Imperial Force. ianfu is a euphemism referring to women forced into ‘sexual service' in the centres called...