Capstone Checkpoint

In the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that you: Read? Write? Process Information?   Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following?   Articles?   Advertising?   Media?   Conversations?

“Thinking critically” will influence my reading, because from this point forward when I read something I would reserve judgment, until I have read the entire source document.   After I have read everything, I would then evaluate what I have read to give my logical thoughts on the situation.
“Thinking critically” will influence my writing, because I would now write with more logical thoughts.   I would evaluate what I am writing this would show the importance in what I am trying to get across through my writing, which I believe would lead to my readers reserving judgment until they have read what I have written and evaluated it.
“Thinking critically” will influence my Process of Information, because now I will evaluate the information that I am receiving closely and I would also mentally critique it to find the logic in the information before I made a decision on the action that I would take.
I would apply Critical thinking to Articles that I read, because some articles can be one sided.   They may state how the author feels about a subject leaving no room for arguments. The author may use rhetorical devices this could mislead you as a reader.  
I would apply Critical thinking to advertisements that I read, because the use of fallacies can be used.   This would give you the false sense of security that the item that is being advertised would be worth you purchasing and /or using.
Critical thinking would be used when analyzing the information received from the media, because the media will utilize the use of fallacies and rhetorical devices.   This could lead to it being really hard to find the logic in the information being received through the media.
Critical thinking would be used in most of my...