Colour Purple

Chapter 90
  Celie writes one last letter to God. In fact, she addresses the letter, "Dear God. Dear stars, dear trees, dear sky, dear peoples. Dear Everything. Dear God."
  She thanks God for bringing Nettie, Samuel, Adam, Olivia and Tashi home to her.
  Shug, Celie, and Mr.__ are sitting on the porch chatting. Mr.__ wants Shug to try on the new shirt he’s sewn. Shug is talking about retiring from singing in public. Celie talks about her store.
  The see some people approaching in a car and wonder who they are…Sofia? The mailman?
  Some old people get out of the car – a white-haired man and a pudgy little lady. Then a young man and two young women.
  Celie realizes that it’s Nettie and her family. She can’t speak.
  Celie and Nettie cry and stumble up to each other, hardly able to walk or speak.
  When Nettie has recovered a bit, she introduces Samuel, Olivia, Adam, and Tashi. Celie introduces Albert and Shug.
  Celie hugs her children and Tashi.
  They have a family reunion on 4th of July. Mary Agnes even comes. She’s left Grady and is picking up Suzie Q and plans to start singing in Memphis again.
  Everybody loves Tashi. "They never suspect African ladies could look so good." Everyone also get’s a laugh out of Tashi’s favorite food: barbecue.
  The children (Adam, Olivia, and Tashi) think Celie, Albert, Shug, Nettie, Samuel, and everybody are so old. But Celie thinks to herself that they’re not old. "Matter of fact," Celie writes, "I think this the youngest us ever felt."