Colour Purple

This is an inserted scene for the ‘Color Purple’ explaining why Albert also known as Mr _____ treated his children and Celie so harshly. It has been written in a letter context.

Dear Celie,
I don’t sit inside the house much anymore. Not that it ain’t a nice house, it lovely now, paint is fresh and the air always smell like bread. I sit on the porch, in that old rocking chair, you know, the one you always knit in.
This place bound with a new energy, like the wind is singing a new song. It sweet and comforting. Every breath I take, feel like a melody turning in my lungs. It helps me right this letter to you and it help me find the incentive to push my arrogance you had put up with many years aside.
Until I do right by you, you told me, everything I even dream about will fail.
You right Celie. Even my dreams haunted me. After you left, I find it hard to sleep. It feel like something dark, heavy on my chest, make it hard to breathe. I try act like I don’t need you. But everything much harder once you leave me. I start to loose my mind I think, I can’t even make my own food, Id rather goes hungry. The garden over grown and my bones even seem to turn frail.
I hated you for this, I even blame you. “That dirty women never did well by me,” I tell Hubbo, “I should have never taken her in and given her this place, she take me for a ride, she use me.”
Hubbo keep working like it non of his business.

For so long all I do is sit in the house like nothing good ever gonna come my way. I do nothing. I tell people that it ain’t my place to. Everything around me gits dirty, even the air don’t seem right. All I seem to think about is how God let me down. I think I hate him. Makes me wonder why anybody should ever believe in him at all. He take way the love of my life, give me horrible children, then gives me a wife that no good, don’t do nothing, then betrays me and leaves. But I mostly hate him cause he take way Shug. When I with her, I didn’t ever think anything could go...