College Athletes Should Get Paid

Taniya Singleton
Professor Ron Head
English 1010-K
Report Essay
April 22, 2014  
“College Athletes Should be paid”

College athletes should get paid for a lot of reasons and I will point out as we research college sports. The argument is whether or not college athletes should be paid or if they should not be paid. The NCAA is the governing body of collegiate sports.   They take pride in having the student athletes as amateurs and the only benefit they will receive is educational.   The NCAA has corporate sponsors for BCS bowl games, March Madness and the Frozen Four.   The Universities make money using athletes for advertisements, and selling jerseys for profit.   The student athletes do not see any of the money.   Some of the athletes receives a scholarship and there are others that will receive grants, loans and have to get a part-time job.  
The University of Alabama football team won three of the last four national championships.   Their head coach, Nick Saban was paid more than $5 million dollars a year. In 2012, the school’s athletic revenue reached $124.5 million.   The football program was responsible for $82 million.   The players are responsible for the revenue and they deserve to be compensated.   There is a huge disconnect because the athletic programs are making millions of dollars while the players are just regular college students.   A lot of the athletes are financially strapped, they don’t have enough money to pay rent and they have to live off fast food.  
My brother, Andre attends College of the Siskiyou in Northern California and he plays college football.   He does not get paid for playing football and last year his team won the championship game.   They received a trophy and a championship ring but not any compensation for their hard work.   My brother has to live off student loans and grant money and he has to do odd jobs to support himself, pay rent and buy food.   When he is broke, my mom has to send him money to help with food and...