Cognitive Development and Thinking

Cognitive Development and Thinking
Cognitive development and thinking is the emergence of the ability to think and understand. How a child reasons, remember things, solves problems, makes decisions and the construction of thought process.
It’s all too easy for an adult to think they are helping a child, when actually they are hindering the child cognitive development- stopping them thinking for themselves and solving problems. If the ball has gone over a low fence, rather than getting the ball for the child ask them how they are going to get the ball?   Allowing the child to stop think and have a look around, prompt them if needed. Try not to move rooms around too much this helps children develop memories, keep toys where your child knows to find them it needs to be predictable for them. When engaging in play talk to your child ask about different shapes in the environment make them aware, compare sizes, amounts show them numbers and letters, you can do this anywhere and at any time. If you are in traffic point out road signs talk about the shape of them the letters on them the number, trees being bigger or smaller than one another. If you are on a short walk to the post box talk about the numbers on items such as bins, different colours and shapes. Talk about difference concept of time using words such as later, now, earlier and before, this will provide the child with a greater range of tense.

Speech, Language and Communication
      0-1 Year
Your baby will be unable to communicate with you using words, however they will communicate with you in other ways. Your baby will be vocal via crying, babbling, squealing and gurgling, babies make their own sounds and will turn their head in response when spoken to by a familiar voice.   Your baby will gradually develop speech sounds to communicate with others. Your baby can now lift the arms in anticipation of being picked up.
Research has shown talking and reading bedtime stories to babies from birth boost their...