Clueless and Emma Comparative Text

How has the Composer of the Contemporary text used the earlier text to say something new?

Although Emma was written two centuries ago, it still has relevance in today's world. The story focuses on the themes of social structure, status of women in society, personal relationships, growth and marriage, vanity, misconception and deception which are themes we can all relate to.
The modern movie Clueless, directed by Heckerling, has been adapted from the original Jane Austen text and mirrors many of the themes and concepts of Emma but in a contemporary way, with a dramatically different style which is far more relevant to today's society. The modernisation of the themes in Heckerling's Clueless resonates more deeply with the 1990's audience.
In terms of style the two 'texts' have significant differences. The novel Emma was directed at a limited audience of book reading Victorian middle class woman whereas Clueless comments on a 1990's American life and values in a brash 'in your face' way reaching a wide audience through the ever popular 'Chick flick' movie genre.
In Clueless, Heckerling's titles and credits are presented in bright, vibrant colours with the 'Kids in America' playing and sound effects reflecting teenage interests (visual and aural clues). This helps to introduce the genre and style of film. Clueless tells the story through Cher's point of view and the use of voice over allows the director to convey the thoughts of the main character. Austen uses a more elaborate, descriptive style that absorbs the reader.
The two heroines Emma and Cher have a similar, high social status with a governess (Miss Taylor) and house maid (Lucy). They both have superior attitude and feel that some social activities are beneath them. Both girls are quite shallow and have done little to better themselves. They are spoilt by over indulgent fathers with Cher's father buying her an expensive Jeep. Cher like Emma has had "very little to distress or vex her."
The heroines of...