Cariño Mio,

What should I tell you? Everything   here is good, yo como siempre juiciosa estudiando y trabajando en el banco, and trying to finish my portfolio. My life is super good I have fun all the time and meet new people every day. But I bet your asking your self why is she writing to me? Well to be honest I feel like we don’t really have to time to talk or to learn much about each other, and you have become someone really special in my life and I don’t want to loose any kind of connection we might have. So the letter is for you to think about me and not forget about me =]
Lately I have this idea that I want to travel and experience new things, explore new ideas and be more adventures. I feel like I’ve lost my sense of being adventures because I don’t know what’s good for me anymore. I can’t decide what I really want to do if I want to keep my dream of having a gallery and being a great artist or actually do something that is going to work out in the long-run. Sometimes when I think about all the things you want to do and accomplish, you inspire me, and some parts of my new expo and project are thanks to you and thinks that I have learned from you. I think that I’m going through all of this because I don’t have time to actually do what I like any more all I do is work and school and is keeping me so busy that I lost all my imagination. But ill get it back eventually am working on it and maybe after I set up my studio my imagination might come back. =]
Que más te cuento   amor… I love talking to you and am sorry if I have ignored you lately but it’s so hard so actually find time to socialize. But when I talk to you I feel great because I can tell you so many things and I know that you’re going to be there to make me feel better or tell me that am doing something wrong.
Te cuento más sobre mí?   Where should I start… am a very happy person there are very little things that bother me am very calm and I don’t get mad easily and I almost never do. I’m a...