Cleopatra, Reflective Essay

Plutarch's   view   of   the   relationship   between   Antony   and   Cleopatra   seems to   comprise   of   the   key   elements   of   lustrous   infatuation,   something   which   was   regarded   by   the   romans   as   showing   weakness   of   character.
  In   the   first   part of   the   passage   plutarch   describes   Cleopatra   as   adding   'Fresh   delight   and   charm   to   Antony's   hours   of   seriousness   and   mirth' (Plutarch, in AA100 Assignment booklet,2008,p.18)   this   gives   the   impression   of   a   regular   relationship   until   he   adds   that   she   'released   him   neither   night   nor   day'(Plutarch, in AA100 Assignment booklet,2008,p.18)   this   suggests   that   Plutarch   veiwed   Cleopatra   as   controlling   and   did   not   consider   her   to   have   any   genuine   feelings   for   Antony.
  He   also   says   that   she   'kept   him   in   constant   tutlage '(Plutarch, in AA100 Assignment booklet,2008,p.18)   indicating   that   Plutarch   viewed   Cleopatra   as   having the   more   superior   role   in   thier   relationship.   Cleopatra   is   a   manipulative   temptress   and   the   hold   she   has   over   Antony   is   bought   to   our   attention   a   number   of   times   throughtout   the   passage.
  Plutarch   goes   on   to   describe   one   unsuccsessful   fishing   trip   saying   that   Antony   was   'vexed   because   Cleopatra   was   there   to   see'(Plutarch, in AA100 Assignment booklet,2008,p.18). To   try   to   impress   her   he   fakes   his   fishing   skills. Throughout   this   passage   Antony   is   portrayed   as   bewitched   and   enamored.
  Plutarch   wrote   that   'the   egytain   saw   through   the   trick'(Plutarch, in AA100 Assignment booklet,2008,p.18)   and   'pretended to   admire   her   lover's   skill'(Plutarch, in AA100 Assignment booklet,2008,p.18)   this   is   the   only   indication   of   affection   between   Cleopatra   and Antony   throughout   the   passage,   it   appears   maternal   rather   than   romantic. This also   portrays   Cleopatra   as   clever   and   witty.
Antony's   second   attempt   to   impress   Cleopatra   is   hindered...