Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation summary
EDU 305
November 6, 2011

Xxxxxx classroom observation took place at HIC preschool in Los Angeles. This was a preschool class with 16 three year old children and two teacher referred to as teacher Annie and teacher Marie along with xxxxxx. When xxxxxxxx entered the classroom she took a moment to look around the classroom to see how the teachers had the classroom set up. The classroom had two tables as you walk in the door. At one end of the table on the wall there are cobble holes for each child to put there things in when the children arrive at school. The children have to bring a blanket for nap time and a change of clothes in case needed. Near the other end of the table is a sink where the children wash their hands in the morning before sitting down for breakfast. After, the children start to come in, teacher Annie begins to put the cereal on the table in a large bowl. Teacher Marie put cups of milk on the table. Teacher Annie then cut some apples up and passed them out to the children. After the children ate they were instructed to go to the restroom and after washing their hands they were then told to go sit on the carper which was located in the idle of the room. When all the children are on the carpet one teacher began to read a story to the children and sing nursery rhymes, while the other teacher was cleaning up after the children finish eating. The classroom had both a girl’s and a boy’s restroom so the children do not have to leave the classroom when needing to go to the restroom. There were many pictures on the walls as well as pictures of the children. There were also numbers and letters all around the room. The room was painted in bright colors. There was an area with toys were the children can play pretend and even a rug where children can sit while they are listing to music. During the observation xxxxxxx had a chance to observe teacher Annie sitting in a chair teaching the children to count to 20. It was so...