Classic Airlines Corporate Culture


Classic Airlines Corporate Culture and Marketing Strategy
Justina Barone
University of Phoenix

Classic Airlines ranks fifth in size in the airline industry and reported $10 million in profits last year.   Although the 25 year-old airline has maintained profitability, Classic is not exempt from the challenges that plague the industry.   The executives at Classic are tasked with addressing the decrease in stock prices, negative media attention, decline in customer loyalty program use, and rising fuel costs.   The current corporate culture at Classic does not believe in the importance of marketing and believes prior recommendations made by the department have affected the company negatively.   The new marketing department must re-tool the current customer relationship management program to increase profits while adhering to the 15% reduction in budget and continually provide quantitative data to the Chief Executive Officer to tracks the program’s success.  

Classic Airlines is a profitable company struggling because economic hardship and negative press have reduced consumers’ loyalty to the airline industry.   To maintain competitive positioning, Classic recognizes the need to reexamine its business model to achieve future success.   The Marketing Department must implement procedures that allow continual evaluation of employee’s needs, competitors offerings, and consumers’ wants and perceptions to adjust the value offerings at Classic.   This arduous task must remain budget conscious in a volatile environment that lacks conviction the Marketing Department can meet such lofty goals.  
Marketing Challenges
The goals of a marketing team are to meet the needs of the consumers as well as the business by identifying the target market, communicating the value of the product effectively and managing customer relationships continually to provide...