Classic Airline Smarketing Solution

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
      Classic Airlines ,is the world’s fifth largest airline ,failure to increase sales, customer loyalty, and stock prices, has caused Classic caused Classic Airlines to make cost reduction plans in every department,   Developing a solution that addresses the declining sales without increasing budgeting costs requires careful planning and development of a productive marketing plan. Classic Airlines will address declining sale and decreased customer satisfaction by introducing a marketing plan, which will improve customer satisfaction. Amanda Miller, the Chief Executive Officer has handed the responsibility of improvements to the frequent flyer miles to the management team members. Classic Airlines seeks to boost employee and customer confidence by keeping costs down while increasing customer and employee satisfaction in the company. Classic Airlines will need to analyze customer feedback to understand long-term forecasting and marketing objectives.
      Describe the Situation
      Reduction of the flights cost is impossible and the price structures are currently within the industry’s guidelines. Membership for the Classic Rewards program is growing steadily. Nevertheless, reports information from customer relations point to the most common customer complains which are the customer rewards programs and they the customer is being handled when the Airline made a mistake according to Kevin Boyle. This brings an opportunity to increase value to the customers while gradually increasing costs by developing balance between the target market’s expected prices, the agreeable prices, and value pricing will provide Classic Airlines with increased revenue. Marketing is very important because it puts the customer first to achieve the company’s goals. Classic Airlines needs to know as much as they can about current and potential customers.
      Kevin Boyle identifies key indicators for two target...