Cjs 220 Assignment Organization of the Police Dep

Assignment: Organization of the Police Department

Police departments are run by many different people. There are always the chief which
is in charge of all the officers and the branches from there. There are then the people that are in
charge of the chief which is the mayor of the city and the state that the chief is part of. All
police departments have to be well organized and have SOP’s which stands for Standard
Operating Procedures and all departments have them. Every case that you run into is going to
be different while being a police officer but the basic format of the case is going to be listed in
the SOP’s. The standard operating procedure tells all department personnel how they are
suppose to arrest someone, how they are suppose to separate people, what kind of back up
they will need, if they need to run lights and sirens, if they need to come in silent. All that is
going to fall into the standard operating procedures. Organization is key to running a
department efficiently, if a department is not organized correctly that is when someone gets
hurt or a life is taken. Here in Rockford Illinois the chief has told me that they have been
working on there organization all the time and they have actually called in the FBI to help them
out and make sure that everything that they are implementing works out as it is suppose to.
Rockford police department is divided into categories such as the K9 Units, Special Forces,
Unmarked, NARCS, SWAT, Task Force, the Auto Burglary Unit, and Traffic. All these units have
there own jobs plus when there really is not anything to do in there category they help out the
other units that they are trained in especially traffic. Rockford Illinois police department is also
divided into districts, there is the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest districts. Each
unit patrols there districts unless on district is busy on another call and then that’s when they
start to leave there...