Community Policing

Community   Policing                                                                                                                               1.

                                                Policing   Policies   Analysis


                                                    November   3,   2014

                                                      Joseph   Laronge

Community   Policing                                                                                                                             2.


    Community   policing   is   a   idea   that   is   new   and   has   been   presented   to   law   enforcement.   The   program   is   funded   federally   and   was   created   with   the   intentions   of   supplying   citizens   the   chance   to   work   collectively   along   side   with   the   police   to   lessen   crimes   and   fear   in   the   communities.
    By   inspecting   police   departments   in   the   United   States   which   has   put   into   effort   community   policing   programs,   a   decision   of   whether   there   has   been   a   good   or   bad   change   can   be   terminated.   Community   policing,   when   put   into   effort   and   coordinated   right   is   the   ideal   situation   for   the   communities   to   build   an   agreement   against   crime   and   the   police   departments.
    In   the   early   centuries   the   order   system   and   law   was   not   well   built   and   there   was   no   sense   of   safety   among   society   (Fisher-Steward,   2007).   A   number   of   individuals   lost   their   lives   over   significant   matters   like   loot,   revenge,   and   jealousy.   The   order   system   and   law   now   in   place   today   was   built   due   to   the   lack   of   order   and   law.
    If   this   system   had   not   been   in   place...