Background of the Study

Computers, like any other technological tool, started as an imaginative idea but have become substitutes to manual and/or traditional methods, among other uses.
      People use computers for a variety of purposes-- from playing games to creating reports for their jobs. Others use computers to transact businesses; while some computers are used to teach other people. With the rapid technological advancement, people are able to simplify their lives with these tools
      RIZ Hardware, formerly known as G Community Hardware was established in 2009. The owner has decided to change the company name into WYNE Hardware, however, the Department of Trade and Industry denied the recent company name due to some security measures, so the owner decided to change it again into RIZ Hardware.
      Owned by Ms. Gina Aguilar, the company is located at CL Montelibano Drive, Zone II, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City, and is currently made up of five employees.   They sell Plywood, PVC Pipes, Bolts, Paints, Nails, Screws, Deformed Bars and etc.
      During the initial interview conducted with the owner, the researchers learned that the company uses the manual system of processing sales and cash invoice in their premises which made it difficult for them to track sales and inventory. The customers inquire about a particular product where the sales clerk determines its availability.   Items bought are then recorded in the sales and inventory logbook.
      In the inventory area, the owner will count the total sales of the day or month as recorded in the sales and inventory logbook.
      In the initial interview, the researchers found that the respondents face difficulty in tracking the sales and inventory. Due to this manual process, the company faces difficulty in identifying the products bought and released.   Moreover, they also experience difficulty in identifying which product needs to restocked.
      With the...