Chrome Ore Crusher Prices in South Africa

It is, therefore, an additional object of the invention to provide a rock crushing device on which the flywheel is mounted so as to permit the shaft carrying the flywheel to deflect without correspondingly moving the flywheel thereby to minimize or eliminate forces due to gyroscopic effects.Another object of the invention is the provision of improved shielding in an chrome ore crusher for preventing the ingress of stone and dirt to certain crusher parts such as the toggle plate and toggle plate bearing.

Other and further objects of the invention are Sthose inherent in the invention herein illustrated, described and claimed.The invention is illustrated with reference to the drawings in which Figure 1 is a side elevation partly in section of a movable jaw rock 0 crusher made in accordance with the present invention.Figure 2 is an end elevation partly in section of the rock crusher made in accordance with the present invention. The flywheel section of Figure 2 is taken along the line 2-2 of Figure 3.

The rock crusher of the present invention includes a frame generally designated 10, which may be a unitary steel casting or fabricated from rolled steel plates. The interior cavity of the frame is of substantially rectangular cross section, defined by side walls 11-12 and end walls 13-14. The outer surface of the frame is ordinarily provided with one or more horizontal stiffening webs 16, and a plurality of vertical stiffening webs 17, in order to withstand the extremely high stresses generated in rock crushing. In the illustrated embodiment of the invention, the end wall 14 inclines outwardly at the top and is provided with an internal flange 24. At the lower edge of wall 14, there is an internal flange 18 which forms a V-notch.

Chrome Ore Crusher