South Africa

Prejudice and Discrimination Article
JustinRyan Allen
Axia College of University of Phoenix
April 11th, 2010
Professor Stephanie Fleming

“We are the entire human race before anything else. Yet, it seems that the only race that human want to win is the one within them.”-Alizabeth Showers.
South African has experienced extreme forms of racism and discrimination. “White” South Africans (Afrikaner’s) found a systematic way to disenfranchise the “black” South Africans, also known as the coloureds. South African’s society has endured many years of colonialism, and the implementation of the “policy of apartheid”; the country has become normalized to blatant hatred. During my time there, I learned many of effects of apartheid trickled down, and through time remained very vital in the South African society. This is journalizing their journeys.  
Introduced by British colonial rulers in the Cape Colony during the 19 century; originality the set of laws were used to prohibit coloureds from going into “white only colonies”. They were given passes in a country that was already rightfully theirs, and were not allowed in the streets after a certain hour.   In 1905, the right to vote was completely ripped from the hands of the coloureds and after that numerous laws followed suit. The South Africa Act (1910) completely gave complete power to whites. Being that they had complete political control over all other race groups, parliament only consisted of white South African’s. In 1913 the Native Land Act put a halt on coloureds buying real estate outside of the well contained “reserves”. The “reserves” had land that was tremendously depreciated.
The Natives in Urban Areas Bill of1918 was premeditated to force coloureds into the "locations" previously stated.   Then the Urban Areas Act came about shortly after. This established a overhaul of residential segregation. Labor and job were also affected by this law because White CEO saw it as an easy way to get work for cheap and...